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Santrio provides a wide range of premium external and internal building finishes which are aesthetic, functional, fire safe and environmental friendly.

As the leading architectural and signage products distributor in ASEAN, Santrio aims to deliver only products of the highest quality to our clients, whether it is for a commercial, corporate office or residential home. Our products originate from internationally renowned and trusted companies which have impeccable track records in the building industry.

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ECOROCA is a good quality hybrid aluminium, wood-plastic composite for decking, soffits / cladding architectural elements from Japan. The production process is patented which enables heterogeneous materials to be successfully extruded together under heat. ECOROCA gives a modern, sanded wood aesthetic with none of the maintenance. The product range is produced with 100% recyclable materials such as waste wood and waste plastic. It has environmental quality certification by official institution in Japan.


Aluminium bead core (ABC) composite panel is made by layering a thin skin above and below a piece of ABC structure and is usually coated with PVDF (Fluorocarbon) coating on the surface for durability, weatherability and corrosion resistant.

However, LiTENTM is a more advanced ABC panel. With its unique ABC structure design which utilizes minimal core materials in production, has made LiTENTM an extreme lightweight and cost efficient panel. Scientifically condensed to 4mm thin, LiTENTM ABC composite panel is probably the thinnest in the world as compared to aluminium honeycomb panels, yet its unequivocal tension strength remains uncompromised.


DURLUM Asia Limited is a member of the German based Durlum Group of Companies, internationally known for their innovative design and expertise in the manufacture of metal ceiling, lighting and daylighting systems.

Durlum Asia Limited was founded on this principle, facilitating the transfer of new technology from Europe to consultants and architects in the region. Since setting up in 1999, the experienced and professional team located in Hong Kong and Singapore has now successfully executed more than 500 projects in the Far East.


BIO FURNITURE -ECOROCA EDITION is a series of creative external bench furniture with designer FROMTU in Japan, integrating recycled wood plastics hybrid manufacturer by Air Water Ecoroca. The creative design combine with the ECOROCA light and durable wood plastic hybrid with aluminium core i.e. Air Louvre , offer the client with complete solution for outdoor furniture requirement.


ALUswissBOND Aluminium Composite Panel is composed of a non combustible polyethylene core laminated and sandwiched between two high alloy fine aluminium sheets, coated with superior quality PVDF (Fluorocarbon, min 70%) resin or polyester to ensure durability, stability corrosion and weather resistance.

As a revolutionary and versatile new decorative building material, widely used in interior and exteriors of buildings as curtain walls, paneling and cladding applications, it offers innovative, modern, beautiful, creative and practical design possibilities for a variety of applications, including panel for modern high rise buildings satisfying every need of architects, engineers, contractors and building owners


This long-established family company from Switzerland is numbered among Europe’s leading manufacturers of solar shading,offering comfortable and energy-efficient solutions at the window.

As the leading manufacturer for high-quality solar shading systems for windows, they provide solutions that increase living comfort and energy efficiency. They focus on developing new products and services and offer innovative solutions with added value.