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ECOROCA is a good quality hybrid aluminium, wood-plastic composite for decking, soffits / cladding architectural elements from Japan. The production process is patented which enables heterogeneous materials to be successfully extruded together under heat. ECOROCA gives a modern, sanded wood aesthetic with none of the maintenance. The product range is produced with 100% recyclable materials such as waste wood and waste plastic. It has environmental quality certification by official institution in Japan.



ECO decking material developed especially for harsh outdoor environments.

The ECO Decking material is suitable for a wide range of applications, from public facilities and commercial facilities to waterside decking and urban parks. In addition to optimal functionality when used outdoors, it blends in well with both concrete and natural greenery and is therefore widely used in creating scenery.

Selectable Surface Finishes

All products provide a high-grade surface finish. Two types are available : the flat surface type and teh ribbed type with surface undulations.

Available in tones that match specific applications and the environment in which they are used so that customers can select according to their own individual preferences.


A Material with the texture of natural wood that is light and strong enough for exterior use.

The natural wood texture typical of ECOROCA is combined with a lightweight and durable aluminium core. Undisputed durability, versatile formability and easy installation means that it can be used in a wide range of scenarios, including building facades and high-rise floors

Air Louvre Product Range


Exterior covering that maintains a natural warmth and aesthetic over a long period of time.

Installing this on certain areas of walling or over the entire building creates a natural wood texture finish that overflows with warmth. With excellent durability and weather resistance, this material maintains its aesthetic over a long period of time without having to worry about discolouration caused by ageing.