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Durlum Asia Limited is a member of the German based Durlum Group of Companies, internationally known for their innovative design and expertise in the manufacture of metal ceiling, lighting and daylighting systems.

The Group’s dedication to research and exploration of new technology ensures that Durlum maintains their position as a global leader in their field. Sixty years of practicing high standards of workmanship, together with consistent improvements in manufacturing techniques, led to the implementation of their current Environmental program and ISO 14001 certification.

Durlum firmly believes that high quality innovative products and providing first-hand technical support are the best ways to ensure that customers experiences the greatest benefits and satisfaction.

Durlum Asia Limited was founded on this principle, facilitating the transfer of new technology from Europe to consultants and architects in the region. Since setting up in 1999, the experienced and professional team located in Hong Kong and Singapore has now successfully executed more than 500 projects in the Far East.



  • Linear Ceilings
  • Chilled/Heated Ceilings
  • Fire-resistant Ceilings
  • Cleanroom
  • Metal Tiles
  • Open-cell Ceilings
  • Expanded Metal Ceilings
  • Raft Ceiling
  • LUMEO® Illuminated Surfaces
  • Translucent Glass Ceilings
  • Reflecting Ceilings
  • Curved Ceilings
  • Vertical baffle system
  • Ceiling Suspension Systems ATHMOS
  • TOMEO-R®
  • LOOP®
  • dur-SONIC absorption systems
  • Perforations
  • dur-GRAPHICS printing


  • LED-Lighting Systems POINT LINE PLANE
  • LUMEO®-Illuminated Surfaces
  • Translucent Glass Ceilings
  • Downlights
  • Lighting Systems
  • Deflection Systems
  • Office Systems
  • Surface and Pendant Mounted Luminaires
  • Built-in Luminaires
  • Industrial and Hall lighting
  • Lighting for Special Applications
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Daylight systems




Fulton Street Metro Statio, NYC
Hyundai Flagship Store, Frankfurt
National Art Gallery, Singapore
Little India MRT Station, Singapore
Rochor MRT Station, Singapore
Castle Tower, Sydney